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Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard & Scuba Diving Prices, Packages & Tours in Cairns - Australia

MV Spoilsport
MV SpoilSport: 3 Nights Cod Hole
From AU$1,744

A Spectacular Fly-Dive Trip to the Cod Hole SpoilSport is a beautifully fitted out high speed catamaran. She is a spacious stable vessel built specifically for top class diving. Photographers or videographers - look no further.

  • Mon am Departure
  • 12 Dives
  • Nitrox Available
  • U/W Photo & Video
  • En-Suite Available
  • Air Conditioned
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MV Taka
MV Taka: 4 Night Cod Hole
From AU$1,570

The Economical Way to Dive the Ribbon Reefs Taka is a well built dive vessel designed for long distance cruising. A more leisurely affordable way to dive the spectacular further afield Coral Sea Ribbon Reefs as well as the world renowned "Cod Hole".

  • Fri am Departure
  • 14 Dives
  • Nitrox Available
  • U/W Photo & Video
  • En-Suite Available
  • Air Conditioned
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MV Scubapro
MV ScubaPro: 2 Nights Outer Reef
From AU$775

An Affordable Outer Barrier Reef Trip MV ScubaPro is 25m Long with 14 Twin & 2 Double cabins. A transfer departs daily (except Tues.) from Cairns to the Outer Reef. A very affordable way to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Daily Departure
  • 11 Dives
  • Nitrox Available
  • U/W Photo & Video
  • Dive Courses
  • Air Conditioned
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The Great Barrier Reef

Diving Australias Great Barrier Reef is something that virtually every scuba diver aspires to do at least once in their life. The best way to experience it is on a liveaboard diving trip. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest single structure on the planet built by living organisms. It stretches for over 2,000 km from north of Cairns & Port Douglas in North Queensland to Lady Elliot Island & Fraser Island in the south & it is clearly visible from space. It is home to thousands of species with others still being discovered, hosting over 400 different types of Coral and 500 different varieties of Mollusc including many types of Giant Clams & Cone Shells. For the SCUBA diver it is an absolute paradise. You could spend your entire lifetime liveaboard diving the Great Barrier Reef and you still would not have come close to covering all the spectacular dive sites it offers. It is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and over 900 islands and it covers over 340,000 Square Kilometers so it's easy to see how you could devote your entire life to diving it and still never see it all.

The barrier reef is a good distance offshore so there is considerable cruising time to get there and back even in the faster diving boats. The best way to dive it is on a liveaboard from Cairns and spend as many nights as you can afford (both time and money wise) to dive this wonder of the world. A Cairns liveaboard is a far better use of your time, far more relaxing, offers far more dives and also offers you the chance to night dive. It fully justifies the time spent travelling to the reef and back for the amount of diving you get. It can also be quite economical as every night you spend on the dive boat you don't spend money on your hotel room or on eating and drinking. Food and drink (usually non-alcoholic) is included on Cairns liveaboard diving trips.

Certain times of the year offer special Australia liveaboard expeditions to see Minke Whales or watch the Coral Spawning. Both events are truly memorable. The Great Barrier Reef coral spawning only occurs on one or two nights per year and happens in late spring or early summer. It usually coincides with full moon. This is truly a spectacular natural phenomenon to witness if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Minke Whales can be seen on a liveaboard from Cairns with reliability for a month or six weeks of the year. These friendly inquisitive docile mammals are a wonder to behold.

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Handy to Know

All of the trips and boats that we offer are safely and professionally run. The legislation in Australia surrounding diving and the operation of diving vessels is some of the strictest in the world due to the volume of diving going on - particually on the Great Barrier Reef.

diving-boat The differing prices for diving trips mainly reflects the distance the various boats travel in order to get to the chosen dive sites. The further the sites are the more costly it is. The most expensive options (Fly-Dive trips) have a low level flight involved to save you considerable cruising time that can be spent diving instead! The cheaper vessels also manage to keep prices lower by not offering luxurious En-suite cabins, and sharing bathroom facilities. Safety however is never compromised.

We work with a small number of Cairns & Port Douglas Hotels from budget to luxury. These hotels are all well established and reputable.

hotel You are welcome to book your own hotel however many people find it convenient to book everything together dealing with one point of contact to keep things more straightforward. Your priority however should be to secure your Liveaboard Diving trip first. Many trips and boats are extremely popular and spaces fill fast. It is far more likely that you will miss your space on the boat than not be able to find a vacant room in a Cairns or Port Douglas Hotel. . .

On a Liveaboard Diving trip it is possible to do a whole variety of continuing education courses if you wish. Most operators offer PADI or SSI or both. The Advanced Course and Nitrox, Multilevel and Naturalist courses are particually popular on the Barrier Reef. There is a vast amount of marine life to identify and Multilevel Diving with Nitrox gives you more bottom time to do it.

diving-coursesOne further option if you are learning to dive before you go and are pressed for time or don't wish to dive at home is to do your certification dives on the trip. This is called a Refferal Course. You complete all of the confined water training and theory before you depart and then complete the open water training dives on the trip. If you have the spare budget then why not further your education ?

Packing the correct things for your liveaboard trip will make it all the more enjoyable. Most operators allow you to store your main holiday luggage on-shore so take a smaller bag that you can use on board. This is far more convenient and also often neccesary on the fly-dive trips with light aircraft weight restrictions.

suitcaseWe suggest the following as a good start: If possible take your own basic personal diving or snorkeling equipment - Mask, Snorkel and Wetsuit (3 to 5mm is fine for the Great Barrier Reef or Coral Sea. Full length or shortie as you prefer). Your own mask and exposure suit will generally fit with more comfort than rental equipment. The remainder you can rent to save weight if you wish. It is usually best to take all personal toiletries. Some boats operate exactly like hotels but not all. If towels are not supplied then take two. You will be spending a lot of time in the water and drying yourself on a wet towel is not fun! Take two bathing costumes also. Clothing should be kept light with a heavier top or jumper in case the a/c is a bit cool or it cools in the evenings. Shoes are not usually required on board - some flip flops or light footwear is fine. Finally dont forget sunglasses and sun block / tan cream.

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